Zebra Prints – Taking Them to the Street

Zebras flourish not just in the grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa. The glorious stripes of the zebra provide excellent camouflage from their main predator, the lion, which is believed to be colorblind. These graceful creatures’ stripes, while perhaps appearing to be black on white, are actually white on black, but each individual zebra’s stripes are unique. As different as snowflakes, no two zebras are ever alike, and designers’ products are equally diverse.

The zebra’s natural beauty is imitated by high fashion designers of haute couture, like the Italians Roberto Cavalli and Versace. Imagine owning a designer silk scarf or necktie adorned by beautiful zebra stripes! AK Anne Klein, Jones New York, Sergio Zelcer are just a few other designers that feature zebra patterns in their fashions. Fabrics and sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công) in those hands rock-and you will, too!

Among the most popular of products are for the bedroom. Rich, warm, and captivating, the visual pleasure of the print invites the wilderness, or just the wild, into your boudoir. Imagine those cold winter nights as you crawl under your toasty warm zebra print comforter or sheets . . . and when you awake in the morning and your legs swing over the side of the bed, how delightful for your toes to slide forward on a soft zebra print rug.

Zebra patterned furniture has come of age. Leading the way are zebra print chairs. You can find occasional chairs, high back arm chairs, and even slipcovers if you are looking for a less expensive makeover. Zebra-stylized textured wood also gives a look of wealth and prestige to any room. And a double-blocked, vintage-inspired chest is just one of the precious pieces you can own.

Designers celebrate the beauty of the zebra in a plethora of other products. Have you thought about zebra print luggage in adult sizes, as well as in children’s trolley cases/rolling backpacks? Like the marvelous creature itself, you can get children’s airport products in which no two are exactly alike. You and your child will never again have to worry about searching through garment cases at baggage claim. You’ll be off and running on your safari vacation.

But don’t forget the accessories you got from the urban jungle. Zebra print los angeles dodgers t shirt , sandals by Mephisto and Sergio Zelcer, handbags, watches, rings, earrings, pajamas, swimsuits, you name it, you can find it all in zebra designs. If you like zebra stripes but want something more upbeat or sophisticated than black and white, that’s available also, since many of the best designers are now working in pinks, greens, and browns.

Whether it’s for your bedroom, home furnishings, or simply yourself, you can find it in beautiful zebra print patterns.

write by Thomas Kyles