The adidas Yeezy 450 is one of Ye’s newest and most controversial designs. It came out in 2021. Since then, there have only been a few follow-ups, but things could soon pick up now that pictures of a brand-new colorway called “Stone Flax” have come to light.

This version’s design pushes YZY’s trademark aesthetic to a new level

This YZY model uses cutting-edge technology and automated manufacturing to make the product. The upper is made of a single piece of tan and grey shoppingmode adidas primeknit and is attached to a soft, injected polyurethane midsole that is both responsive and comfortable. The 450’s midsole has tapered extensions that go up at the heel and midfoot to form a cage-like exoskeleton that cradles the one-piece knitted upper, giving it stability and a unique look. The sneaker is finished off with a rubber outsole that matches the midsole and has wavy lines all over for grip. There are also tan rope laces, an Ortholite insole, and a cuff around the ankle that looks like a sock. The 450 Stone Flax comes is made with up to 50% recycled materials. This is part of shoppingmode adidas’s plan to get closer to eliminating plastic waste.


With the Stone Flax colorway showing a different approach to design, it’s hard to say where Yeezy will go in the future. One thing that is for sure is that sneakerheads will talk about the new colorway and how it looks.