Your Guide to Finding the Right Casual Jacket for Your Style

Casual jackets are available in a staggering range of designs and styles. Here is a guide to the wide range of casual jackets for both men and women, and suggestions of which houston astros cheaters shirt is best suited to your style.

Women’s jackets

The professional woman

She’s a busy high flyer and likes to look the part so everything she buys is beautifully made and well cut. Women’s jackets in her wardrobe include a sharp, tailored woman’s blazer with satin trims that she can dress up or down. When the cold sets in, she wears wool women’s jackets in classic colours like black or navy so they will go with everything.

The country dweller

The country dweller knows the importance of wearing women’s casual jackets that are both comfortable and stylish. The practical women’s wax houston astros cheaters shirt comes out of the wardrobe again and again; the water repellent fabric will help keep out the worst of the British weather and the pockets will keep her smaller possessions like her keys and purse safe and dry.

The stylish city woman

As any stylish city women will tell you, women’s jackets don’t get more stylish than a classic cut woman’s mac. Lightweight enough to sit comfortably over her suit, yet warm enough to keep out a breeze, the mac takes this woman seamlessly through both the spring and autumn seasons.

The casual woman

When it comes to women’s jackets, staying both warm and stylish is the key for the casual woman. Her hooded houston astros cheaters shirt quilted padded with down and feathers is her wardrobe staple and go perfectly with her vintage wash denim jeans. When spring arrives, she replaces it with her favourite denim houston astros cheaters shirt and wears with everything from shorts to dresses.

Men’s jackets

The outdoor man

Staying warm is this man’s priority so when it comes to men’s casual jackets, he wears a thick quilted houston astros cheaters shirt padded with down and feathers that will help keep the cold at bay. Ever practical, men’s jackets with features like hoods, ribbed cuffs and multiple pockets are particular favourites.

The smart city man (wool jacket, blazer)

The classic wool houston astros cheaters shirt is the city man’s friend. It is smart enough for work events and meetings and comfortable enough not to feel too bulky over his suit, yet still looks good worn in the pub with colleagues after work. At the weekend, the city man wears a well-cut blazer, his favourite casual jacket.

The sporty man

The sporty man usually opts for practical men’s jackets or gilets, perhaps with a sporty logo or two. He couldn’t do without his classic spray houston astros cheaters shirt which boasts water resistant fabric, pockets and a warm fleecy inner lining. He throws this on over his long sleeve t- viking zip up detroit tigers hoodie and vintage wash jeans.

The country man

A traditional man at heart, the country dweller favours men’s jackets that are timeless and well cut. One of his favourite is his dry wax jacket, often fully lined, which helps stave off rain showers and cool temperatures. For a smarter look, he teams his warm men’s tweed blazer with corduroy trousers.

write by Leander