Winter Wrap – Free sewing patterns


Wool fabric, 2mMedium weight fusible interfacing, 20cm x 25cm

Dimensions List

70cm x 195cm

Stitch a shawl

1 Cut a 10cm wide strip from one short edge of tweed fabric to leave a 75cm x 2m rectangle for the shawl. Set the strip aside. To hem, press under 1cm then 1.5cm on the short edges and stitch. Repeat on the long sides.

2 Cut two 8cm x 20cm rectangles from the fabric set aside and medium weight interfacing. Press the interfacing to the reverse. Pin and stitch the pieces together around the outer edges, right sides facing, using a 1cm seam allowance and leaving a gap. Turn out and press. Slipstitch the gap closed.

3 Slip the shawl over your shoulders with the short edges level, right side facing out. Fold back the inner long edge at the centre back 8cm to form a collar, pin in place. Remove the wrap and secure with a few stitches.

4 Referring to the diagram provided, pin the strap to the left-hand end of the shawl. Stitch in place close to the short edges then again, 6mm in. To wear, slip the right-hand end of the shawl through the strap, folding the fabric to lay in pleats. To keep the pleats in place, pin then stitch across the folds. Stitch again 6mm below the first line to secure.