Winter Warmers – Free sewing patterns


Jumper, cable knitTapestry wool: red, three skeins; green, one skein, cream, one skeinTapestry needle, size 16Large red buttons, five

Dimensions List


Stitch a cosy wrap

1 Lay a jumper flat and cut across the chest from the points where the sleeves join the body. Carefully unpick the left side seam. Open out the fabric, measure and turn under each of the unpicked edges, so you end up with a width of approximately 46cm when folded.

2 Stitch down the two turned in edges, using matching yarn, to make neat hems. On the long cut edge, turn 2cm to the wrong side and stitch using matching yarn, then thread a tapestry needle with red wool and embroider a neat blanket stitch.

3 With the blanket stitch edge at the bottom, overlap the right side hem over the left and pin together. Mark the button positions and stitch in place going through all thicknesses of fabric.

Embroider mittens

1 Draw around your hand to create a mitten template, allowing an extra 1.5cm all round for seams. Place the template on a jumper sleeve, above the cuff, with the edge of the thumb on the fold (opposite the seam). Pin in place, then cut out the whole mitten including the cuff, keeping the thumb and cuff in tact on the fold.

2 Reverse the template and do the same on the other sleeve. Using the photos as a guide, embroider two flowers in red yarn using lazy daisy stitch and link them using back stitch in green. Add French knots in cream.

3 Fold each mitten in half with right sides together and pin. Stitch all round. If the cuff is too loose, take in the seam accordingly, then cut off any excess.