Wildlife themed travel accessories – Free sewing patterns


Pinking shearsSplit ring (for keyring)Eyelet setter (if you don’t have one, you could cut out irregular shapes instead)

Mouse keyring

Cut a dark pink rectangle 6.5cm x 4.5cm. Using pinking shears, cut an orange rectangle slightly bigger.

Using the template, cut out a mouse body from cream felt and two ears and a nose from pale pink felt.

Use brown thread to hand or machine stitch the mouse body to the dark pink rectangle. Hand stitch in place the two ears, the whiskers and the tail.

Place the pink felt onto the orange and trap a folded loop of green ribbon 11cm long with a split ring threaded onto it, in between the two felts at the top. Stitch together around the edge.

Bird compact case

Cut a pale green felt rectangle 12cm x 10.5cm and use the template to cut out a pale pink felt front, using pinking shears to trim the sides and triangular flap.

Use the templates to cut out the bird, wing, branch and leaves. First, hand stitch the orange wing to the bird using dark pink thread, then stitch the bird onto the pale pink felt with pale pink stitches. Hand stitch the branch and leaves under the bird using orange thread.

Pin the pale green back onto the wrong side of the front so that the bottoms match up. Machine or hand stitch around the sides and across the bottom.

Using orange thread, stitch a large black button to the back of the green felt in the middle. Take a piece of green ribbon 10cm long, fold it in half, turn the raw ends under and trap it under another large button in the middle of the pink triangular flap. Check the loop reaches the lower button then sew in place.

Glasses case

Cut a case front in pale green 19cm x 9.5cm and a back in dark pink the same size. Cut an oval shaped piece from one end of the green felt.

Use the template to cut a rabbit in dark green felt and a tail in cream. Place on the green felt as shown and stitch the details in dark pink thread.

Using the template, cut two mushrooms; one in orange and one red with pink stalks. Punch five holes in the red mushroom. Place as shown and stitch to secure. Sew one medium and two small black buttons onto the orange mushroom and stitch three ‘flying’ birds.

Pin the finished front to the pink felt back, trapping the length of the pink ric-rac in between. Using pink thread and starting at the bottom in the middle, stitch in pink thread a running stitch to secure all three layers. When you get to the oval cut out at the top, remember to stitch through only the two layers of green felt and ric-rac to leave an opening for the glasses. When you reach the other side, continue through all three layers until you get back to the bottom, where you need to tuck in the raw edge before fastening off the thread.

Deer passport holder

Cut a piece of orange felt 20cm x 14.5cm, fold in half and stitch down the middle in orange thread. This will help it to fold in half.

Cut out the deer template, head in red felt, antlers in cream. In order to put these in the right place on the front, fold the passport cover in half while you stick them in place with a little glue using the picture as a guide. Stitch them in brown thread.

Cut out six leaves in green felt and use a single hand stitch in orange to secure them. Stitch the word ‘passport’.

Cut two pieces of dark green felt 14.5cm x 6cm. Turn the passport cover front wrong side up and pin each green inside pocket; one at the right hand side, the other at the left.

Leaving the inside edge unstitched so the passport fits into it, stitch the other three sides of each pocket trapping a 19cm length of green ribbon into the outside edge in the middle so you can tie the passport cover shut.