Wear The Scream Movie Mask As Your Halloween Costume Design

Had it not been for the movie, this mask would have never been as scary as it now looks. Thanks to the movie Scream, which became one of the defining psychopath movie of its time, the mask got a completely different connotation altogether. Wearing it on a dark night as your Halloween costume design can be the defining moment for you too.

It is actually a convenient dress. Just grab hold of the mask and wear anything black to go with it. This mask depicts the psychopathic sadist. The melting or screaming skull as many would perceive it has come to symbolize maddening fear. When you have the mask on, people tend to ignore whatever you are wearing below. That gives you a chance to be carefree about the other parts of your dress or costume. Wear anything, a t- chicago white sox hawaiian shirt and trousers, or simply a black robe of sorts.

The best part of this Halloween costume design is that you do not have to do any make-up or hairstyle at all. Again, you can be totally carefree inside the mask and not bother about how you look. As the look is pretty plain, you can accessorize it too. We also suggest that you keep a blunt rubber butchers knife somewhere in your pocket, which you can pull out and run behind people to recreate the freaking experience.

And when we are imitating the movie’s character, then playing the quiz on horror movies of the past with friends is also a great idea. Just keep a check as the night may get too scary to handle with your scary Halloween costume design.

So while you can be absolutely care free with your Halloween costume design, be careful about other psychopathic killers on the prowl. If you find one, don’t be shy to fill your lungs with air and let out a ‘Scream’! Enjoy your Halloween.

write by Euphemia