Upcycled Blanket Scarf – Free sewing patterns


Blanket scarf



1 Seek out a blanket scarf that you feel is big enough to cover you when folded in half (ours measured 1.18m x 2.12m). Fold the scarf in half widthways, then cut it in half. The cut edge of each piece won’t be fringed so to do this, start by drawing the length of the fringe you want with tailor’s chalk or a marker, then sew along the marked line using a narrow zig zag.

2 Pull on the top thread that is closest to the raw edge and parallel to the stitched line, taking the entire thread away to reveal shorter threads that run the other way; use the tip of a hand sewing needle to loosen if needed. Continue pulling the lengths of thread to fringe the raw edge, stopping when you come to the stitched line.

3 Place the two pieces right sides together and start sewing horizontally across the new top seam for one shoulder, 17cm from the edge. Fasten off to leave a 35cm wide gap centrally in the top, for the head to comfortably go through, then start stitching to sew the other shoulder.