Trio of felt creatures – Free sewing patterns


Pinking shearsToy safety stuffingAcid-free glue stick

Louis the owl

Using the template provided, cut out one owl in dark pink and one in pale pink.

Cut three pieces of green ribbon and three pieces of pink ric-rac, all 6cm in length. Arrange as shown across the front of the dark pink owl. Stick with an acid-free glue stick. Once dry, use dark pink thread to stitch a wavy line along the middle of the ric-rac. Add a decorative line of scallop or zig-zag stitching in between the strips of ribbon/ric-rac in light pink thread.

Cut out two wings in pale pink felt; use pinking shears on the curved side. Stitch a scallop shape stitch (or use a zig-zag stitch as an alternative) four times in a vertical curved line to match the shape of the wings as shown. Place each wing at either side of the body so that a narrow border of the dark pink owl front shows. Stitch them down the outer edge and across the bottom, but do not stitch along the pinked edge.

Cut out two eyes from the pale green felt and place as shown. Use dark brown thread to stitch the details and eyelashes. Cut out a beak from the orange felt and stitch across the top of it in dark brown thread. Hand stitch the two larger black buttons onto the eyes.

Place the finished front onto the back of the pale pink owl and use dark pink thread to stitch all the way around both sides and across the top, leaving the bottom open. Gently push toy stuffing up into the ears and stuff the main body.

To finish, stand the owl on a piece of paper and trace around the bottom; use this as a template to cut a base from pale green felt. Secure this just inside the owl with a line of pva glue.

Archie the hedgehog

Using the template, cut out two hedgehogs in the dark red felt.

Cut a piece of green ribbon and pink ric-rac (each 36cm long). Stick the ric-rac onto the ribbon using a glue stick and allow to dry. Stitch a wavy line along the length of it and cut it into six equal lengths of 6cm. Fold each 6cm piece in half and stitch three onto each outer side of the hedgehog. The stitching will be covered up later.

Cut out a strip of dark pink felt 2cm wide. Cut a ‘v’ shape from the top and discard it. From this strip cut out 30 chevron shapes and arrange as spines on the front and back of the hedgehog. Hand stitch each spine with two stitches. Stitch brown thread spikes in between the pink spikes.

Cut out a face in pale pink felt and trim two sides with pinking shears. Fold in half diagonally so that the pinked edges meet. Place one half of the red hedgehog with the face and nose shape to the right under one half of the pale pink face so that the noses meet. Stitch in dark brown thread close to the pinked edge so that it covers the raw edge of the three ribbon strips. Lay the back of the hedgehog with the nose pointing to the left as a mirror image to the front and stitch down the remaining pinked edge to match. Trim away any excess face along the bottom.

Fold the hedgehog wrong sides together and stitch around the spikes.

Stitch on two eyes. Cut out a nose from the dark felt using the template. Hand stitch the two sides of the nose to the face, then fold the top of it over and secure with a few hand stitches.

Using toy stuffing, stuff the spikes and then the body and create a felt base in the same way as for the owl.