Traumeel Ointment Review

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Traumel ointment is a pain relieving medicated cream that like other gels you apply to the affected areas.  The packaging says that it provides fast relief from muscle pain and inflammation.  With hundreds of pain relieving creams in the market today, we tried it this product is effective.  I and my boyfriend who are both very active try it once when we both over-exerted ourselves during our first yoga class. 

The cream isn’t as greasy as the others.  I applied it on my shoulders because that was the area that was very painful.  I hate those creams that stains on your light-colored pants or shirt.  This ointment doesn’t do that.  When you apply it, it dries very quickly. I put on my blouse and went to work. 

The ointment doesn’t have a strong odor.  We have tried a number of brands and even if they are effective in relieving body pain, we couldn’t apply them in the morning because they have very strong odor.  When I applied Traumeel in the morning, the smell dissipated in the few minutes and I’m off to work.

Does it really give fast relief?  Yes, it is surprisingly effective and what I liked most about it is that it gives long-time relief.  I was able to work without feeling any pain on my shoulder until lunch time.  That was the time that I applied the cream again.  I applied the cream before I slept and the next day, the pain was not there anymore and I didn’t need to apply the pain relieving gel anymore.


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