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Watches are known for its time keeping function. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year and electronic watches may have many other functions. Obviously the function of watch is to tell the time but for certain person it is a collection for their jewelry box. Time is secondary to the lives of people. If you miss a second of your time, you will never have the chance to turn it back. Time is precious, so take every second of your time useful and valuable. An organize type of person knows how to value time.

Silver watches are often appreciated as jewelry or as collectible works of art rather than just as timepieces. This has made the rise of jewelry markets for making watches, ranging from the casual and inexpensive to the very pricey and extravagant.

Men seldom wear jewelry, the most common jewelry that they may wear are watches, earrings and chains. Choosing watch for men are a little bit challenging compared to women. Men want a simple kind of watch wherein they can pair to any type of clothing. Silver Watches are the top solution for them. Silver watches are versatile, affordable, elegant and economy friendly. Silver can suit any type or color of clothing. That is why most men wear silver rings and silver watches to accent their masculinity. While for women, watches are more than just time pieces – they’re also pieces of jewelry that gives accent to their outfit that makes a bold statement. They are not only valuable pieces of stylish feminine jewelries, but also valuable items that reflect a woman’s fashion, personality, and style. Silver watches come in different styles and purposes such as sporty watch, working watch and stylish watch. Some silver watches that comes in extreme prices mainly serves as personal adornment or as symbols of high achievement.

Different Types Watches

For a busy type of person, watch is very important to organize the day to day schedule. The best watch for them are those designed with second hand, easy-to-set timers, alarms and clear markers to avoid mess scheduling. Sport silver watches that is streamlined, compact, and sporty may be the best choice for athletic man and busy person to meet the demands of their active lifestyle.

For hip and Stylish type of person, nothing beats a watch with cutting edge style or watches that have different colors of faces with crystals, swarovski, or semi-precious stones that you can suit with the color of your dress. These bold and chunky styles are intelligently designed, innovative and incredibly stylish. If you are looking for watch that can be worn for day to day activities look for watches with comfortable band and with higher water resistance.

Time on your hand never looked so dazzling, it helps you keep track of your activities, so why not add a little glamor and a lot of sparkle to your daily outfits with silver watches.

write by Raj Singh

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