Toadstool Gift Set – Free sewing patterns


Felt: red, green, white, nudeRibbon, redFabric, red polka dotBias binding, redEmbroidery thread, blackToy stuffingBrooch pinFabric glue

Create a gift bag

1 Cut a piece from red polka dot fabric, 30cm x 35cm. Fold it in half wrong sides together and press. Place red bias binding 5cm from the top, then sew in place on the wrong side along the longest edge.

2 Cut out the parts of the small toadstool and leaves from felt. Use the press line as a guide to position the elements on one side, then glue in place.

3 Machine embroider over all of the details. Fold the bag in half, right sides together then line up the bias binding ends and pin together.

4 Stitch across the bottom, and up the side, leaving a gap where the open ends of the bias binding sit. Fold over the top, and sew a rolled hem.

5 Turn the bag out, then thread ribbon through the bias binding channel. Join the two ribbon ends together and tie a knot.

Make a decoration

1 Using the template, draw around each part onto coloured felt, plus an entire toadstool from plain cotton and green felt. Cut out, then glue each smaller piece in place on the complete fabric shape.

2 Sew over all of the details with a machine, then place the finished toadstool onto the green felt shape and stitch in place around the edges, leaving a gap for filling and a ribbon for hanging tucked in the top edge.

3 Carefully stuff the toadstool, using a tool to push filling into the stem, then machine or hand stitch the gap closed.