Tips on Buying Maternity Clothing

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One of the challenges that you face every morning if you are pregnant is dressing well as you try to manage the drastic changes that are happening to your body. Choices in maternity clothes are endless and more stylish today than previously and this is very good news for the expectant mother. If you plan carefully and use some imagination, you can build a wardrobe you will enjoy throughout your pregnancy. Now that you are visibly pregnant, you will need to purchase some new clothing, and you need to remember some guidelines.

You should buy items that fit well, but also have room to adjust with your shape. Modern maternity clothing may include stretch panels that can grow with your expanding waistline.

Keep away from giant, shapeless pieces, which will only make you look bigger than you are.

If you feel okay with it, you may consider going with today’s trend and showing off your bump. You can reveal that you are pregnant and not just gaining weight when you think you are in a relatively good shape.

Your maternity clothes should feel comfortable, since you will really appreciate any comfort you can get when you are pregnant. You would want to wear things that are easy to put on when you have swelling feet, heartburn and having Braxton Hicks contractions.

Make your purchases in some unique stores. You will get new designs and high quality end maternity items in the specialty stores. Round out your wardrobe with cheaper items from large chain stores that carry maternity wear, such as Walmart and Target.

Sale racks are what you should pay attention too. You should shop ahead for maternity clothes, since when the new clothes are coming out, and you can often get the older clothes on sale. You shouldn’t overdo it, since it is difficult to predict what your size will be to far in the future. There are certain clothes like stretchy pants and cardigan sweaters can be very flexible for us to choose on different seasons and will come in handy.

Use a filled ‘belly’ pillow (on hand at the average maternity store) to see the stretching over increasing bulk underneath the clothes. You can alter the position of the pillow to preview how the items will look at different stages and sizes.

Buy some high quality clothes which are made of fabrics that are comfortable for varying in number of occasions. A simple pair of black pants and nice black top worn with a simple necklace may be appropriate for work but can also be accessorized with a shimmery shawl or layers of beads and strappy shoes to make it suitable for a night out on the town or a formal dinner.

Keep wearing your stilettos or high heels, if you are able. Many pregnant women opt to wear flat shoes however this can make their already round body look more squat. High heels can make your legs look longer, but they tend to hurt your feet and ankles. If you do not find the heel comfortable enough, you can always try pointy flats to make your legs look a bit longer.

Do not forget to accessorize. You can call the focus up to your head area by trying bold earrings, costume jewelry and scarves. Additionally, by choosing different accessories, you can change the look of your basic pieces.

Don’t limit your shopping to just the maternity stores. Thanks to the range of elasticized fabrics these days, you can wear something besides pregnancy clothes during much of the time you are pregnant, and you can still feel stylish. Low-rise pants that stay below your stomach may be able be worn with you pregnant stomach.

Don’t give up your standards of fashion. If dressing well is important to you, don’t give this up while you’re pregnant. With the variety of maternity clothes available and the sheer number of designers who have gone into maternity apparel, it is the best time to purchase clothes that are sure to please.

It is possible that some maternity clothes won’t even fit by the end of the third trimester. So do be prepared to buy more items for the last few weeks.

It will be mandatory to buy a larger size of non-maternity clothes until the maternity clothes fit you when your regular clothes get too small. When the baby is here and you are trying to find something to wear you’ll be grateful that you have these things.

You don’t need to separate this chore into two tasks; it can all be worked on at the same time in order for you to save time. Many clothing stores such as Old Navy and The Gap have newborn and maternity sections, so you can shop for both you and the baby.

write by Mitchell Sandson

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