The Nike Air Huarache isn’t just loved by people who like retro running shoes anymore, but it still has a cult-like following.

Neoprene panels and red logos add drama to the look

Tinker Hatfield’s design from 1991 has been updated with a simple color scheme of white, light tan, and black, with a touch of ruby red to make the shoe move. As with the first versions of the running shoe that was inspired by scuba gear, the upper and sole of the latest version are mostly “colorless.” This lets even the smallest bit of contrast stand out. Neoprene panels on the vamp, tongue, and heel are a color that looks like sand, while the Nike Huarache logos on the top of the heel and on the inside of the shoe are a bold red. Last, the waffle-shaped tread underfoot goes back to a tried-and-true black pattern.


The new version of the Nike Air Huarache running shoe is not only nicer to look at, but it also has a couple of small improvements. If you like new takes on classic color combinations and you like the Huarache, you will love this sneaker.