Union LA’s Nike “Un-Cortez” “Off-Noir” and “Sesame” releases are set for June 21. Official photographs of the darker pair have surfaced today, better highlighting the colorway.

The Union-modified Cortez is seen in an objective light

This iteration, in contrast to “Sesame,” depicts the Union-modified Cortez in a more neutral light. The bulk of the shoe’s structure is black, including the suede paneling that runs from the toe to the Swoosh. In addition, the midsole and tongue have the same design, although with white speckles and bright green branding, respectively. The foundation appears to be made of a multi-colored canvas that’s been weaved with two colors of blue. The cork insole, laces, and contrast stitching all use the aforementioned green, while the dubrae are dressed in cool tones, and the “UN/LA” hangtag is highlighted in a subdued orange.


The Union LA x Nike Cortez Off-Noir is, to put it more succinctly, a sampling of three distinct hues. This is a nice choice for anyone who were unable to get their hands on the OGs or who just wish to have more than one colorway available.