In recent years, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has gone from being a joke to an acceptable cut of Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker. And while the model has done well with new takes on classic colorways, it has also gotten a lot of attention with a lot of experimental looks.

The split-color Jordan 1 is a stylish way to stand out

One of the most famous shoes ever made recently got a split mid-top trim in “Cherrywood Red” and “Beach” colors, as well as a new blue, black, and white version. Even though sneaker collectors laughed at the “Homage to Home” retro that came out in 2018, they may like the new split colorway of the Jordan 1 more than the “Homage to Home” retro. The white base on the medial sides lets the lateral side match the dark finish of the often-copied outsole underfoot.


You should pay attention to this Jordan 1 mid because it is both simple and different. The mid-cut style is great for everyday wear, and the shoe has a lot of details that make it stand out. People who already have a lot of Air Jordan shoes might like this new version of an old favorite.