The Pinstripe Suit – Because You Mean Business

It’s no longer business as usual for the pinstripe suit. The city gent’s uniform, the uptight banker’s commercial ensemble has been hijacked, grabbed by the throat, and transformed into something else just as utilitarian but far more fabulous.

Yes, the pinstripe suit is back; and in its second coming, it’s being reassigned out of the office.

The Who

Pinstripes are not for the cautious and the underling. While the pinstripe suit can work for any man, it’s best worn by the urban professional who would best give the stripes justice. pinstripe suits create a savvy, sartorial image that men in power, men with money, and men who are about to have both can use to set themselves apart not just from their one-dimensional staff but from the rest of the breathing, overtime-rendering masses.

If you’re short, stocky, or both, consider the pinstripe the miracle an ensemble from the gods. Nothing could be more perfect for you. The stripes create a lengthening, elongating effect that will – literally – stretch you, making you appear taller and thinner than you really are. If you’re lanky, however, and thin as a reed, you will have to discard both the suit and all hopes of wearing it. The pinstripe would only make you look like a pole in sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công).

The When

Not too long ago, the suit came with a stigma. It was shunned by the elite and the discriminating because it was heavily associated with 9 to 5 wear, with drudgery, and uppity banker standing. Times have changed, however. Today, the pinstripe suit has become the dapper suit of choice for urban professionals. It can be worn to sales calls, premieres, and business meetings.

The suit is not without its limitations, however. As powerful a fashion statement as it might make, it is still not appropriate for casual or ultra-formal wear. This means there are two places you should never take your tie to: a black-tie only affair and the country club.

The How

There’s a “2 out of 3” rule in pulling off the pinstripe suit. Between the shirt, suit, and tie, at least one should be solid. The fashion-savvy may be able to pull off a three all-out pattern but this risky move should not be attempted by the average Joe. Err on the side of caution, if you must; just don’t go bat for 3 out of 3 unless you’re certain it’s a risk you can take that won’t fall flat on its face.

A word of caution to the stripe-wearing gent: in mixing the second pattern, if your choice is a check for either tie or shirt, make sure the checks are small and tight. You do not want them competing with the visual of your pinstripes.

The How To

Today’s pinstripe suits have become meaner, leaner, and more versatile. Not only can they be worn to the office, they can be used to project a wide range of looks ranging from the modern to the elegant. How do you transition your suit from any one or two of these looks?

If it’s elegance you’re after, wear your pinstripe with French cuffs, cuff links, and a contrast collar. All three are well-defined style elements that give the suit refinement.

If it’s modern you want to channel, give your suit a more up-to-date take. A thickly knotted tie would look amazing on a spread collar because it increases the striking, bold look that is inherent in your suit.

If, on the other hand, you want to look the consummate sophisticate, go complementary or monochromatic. Pick a tie that plays off and plays out the color of the suit’s stripes. The resulting harmony in color will give your suit a very, very dashing pulled-together look.

Remember, stripes are meant to be worn. Just look at the zebra who sports his with equal parts grace and ferocity. Wear your stripes proudly with a pinstripe suit. It will convey your urban professional status in a way no other suit can. It will make you look powerful, polished, and professional. Above all, it sends out the message that you have arrived on the block and you mean business.

write by Iolanthe