In March, it was announced that the Air Jordan 7 “Cardinal” would be coming back for the first time since 2011. This was the colorway’s fourth Retro. And today, when the shoe’s 30th anniversary is about halfway over, official photos of the re-release have finally come out.

The embroidered Jumpman on the colla makes the shoe look cool

The “Cardinal” is mostly true to the source material, just like the “Citrus,” which is coming back later this month. All of the same places, like the midsole, the lining, and the heel, have the red that gives the shoe its name. “Chutney” is used close by, both on the pull-tab and on the Jumpman that is embroidered on the collar. Fixtures elsewhere, like the smooth and tumbled leather panels, clash a bit with their bright white color, which stands out against the black finish of the midsole and the branding on the tongue and counter.


The Air Jordan 7 “Cardinal” looks like a shoe that true fans of the Air Jordan line will like a lot, especially since it will probably be hard to find. Even though it’s not the most original Air Jordan 7 colorway, the unique details and familiar color scheme should make it a winner either way.