It’s getting close to that time. The 31st of October is coming up soon, and the Nike Air Presto will get a new “Shadow” look that fits the season.

The design has a creepy vibe that is perfect for October

Even though this version doesn’t have any goblins or ghouls in the graphics, it still has a creepy feel to it. This version will fit right in with your Halloween versions and also with your regular versions, giving you the best of both worlds. The sneaker’s upper is made of dark grey mesh, and it has slime green accents, grey toe pieces, and a lace cage that looks like milk. The heels and insoles have a shadow design and fonts from the Middle Ages, which is where the name comes from. To finish off the new design, a white rubber midsole and a green/black grind outsole were added to the bottom. A great new design for October 2022 that is scary.


Overall, the design of the Nike Air Presto “Shadow” sneaker is very well done. Even just the colorway makes it desirable because it fits in with the current trends in sneakers. We hope this is a sign that NIKEiD will be able to be used to customize more classic styles.