Even though football (soccer) is becoming more popular in the U.S., it has been a way of life around the world for hundreds of years. The Nike Air Max 95 recently came out in a simple outfit that was inspired by “the beautiful game.”

This footwear was clearly designed with soccer lovers in mind

The new pair looks like it might be part of a larger Nike Sportswear collection called “Social F.C.” It comes in different shades of brown and has a muted red canvas vamp overlay that stands out. The blotch pattern on the rest of the sneaker’s upper and the emblems that look like football club crests on the top of the tongue and right sock-liner are supported by dark chocolate-colored suede toe caps and lace loops. Underfoot, the Air Max cushioning system chooses a simple white and black color scheme, which puts the upper half of the shoe in the spotlight even more. Even though the Air Max 95 might not be the best shoe for playing the sport, it’s more than good enough to wear to a game or on the way home after one. Track suits are, of course, sold separately.


The Nike Air Max 95 is a sneaker for athletes with a strong love for fitness and a deep appreciation for the same details and nuances that make soccer one of the most popular sports in the world. On different days, the Air Max 95 can do different things. When needed, it will always kick.