The Nike Air Max 90 came out 32 years ago, but it might be as popular now as it was when it first came out.

The sneaker has military pattern and iconic brown canvas absorbing impact

Tinker Hatfield’s once top-of-the-line performance runner came out recently in a desert camouflage style that was made for everyday wear. Even though this isn’t the first time a design that looks like military gear has been put on an Air-cushioned product, the latest one takes a new, all-over approach to the look. The off-white soles are simple and let the iconic brown canvas upper of the Nike Air Max 90 “Desert Camo” sneaker take center stage. The tongue and heel have TPU parts that stand out from the rest of the shoe but don’t take away too much from the desert-inspired color scheme.


The Nike Air Max 90 hasn’t altered much over the years, which is why it’s still in high demand 32 years later. Anyone who loves the classic look of one of Nike’s most groundbreaking shoes will enjoy this shoe.