Since its release in June, the Jordan Zion 2 has had just under a dozen colorways. The company is saving the full range of tones for the return of their best signature athlete. In the meantime, though, a simple look with pops of color will hold us over until the NBA season starts in mid-October.

This is a chic and audacious homage to the 1990s

The outfit is based on the 90s and is mostly white and black. The perforated back half of the model and the midsole are white, while the vamp, tongue construction, and collar lining are black. The former’s ink color is used as an accent base for the quarter overlay and forefoot velcro strap, which are covered with squiggly etchings in blue, yellow, red, purple, and neon green. The words “AIR STROBEL” and “LET’S DANCE” are molded into the heel counter. This gives the word “LET’S DANCE” a crimson tint on the back parts of the shoe. The explosion of colors continues underfoot in the “ZION” traction pad in the middle of the outsole, completing the stylish look.


When I look at these, the word that springs to mind is “fun.” These appear to be something you’d see on a teenager who just wants to have fun, skate, and hang out with buddies. Air Jordan collectors should keep an eye out for this model.