Tis the season to party, dress up and be merry. Having a flair in fashion does not have to be a woman thing these days. More and more men are keeping up with the women with their good taste, well-tailored pants and suits and understated but elegant styles. This Christmas season, especially that is winter, poses some challenges for men on their fashion choices. The following are some tips on how to create a man’s version of the versatile, cosmopolitan woman’s little black dress.

Choose a good sweater. Ditch the funny Santa themes or Rudolph the Reindeer designs. For you will surely generate a lot of comical remarks and laughter from your friends and colleagues. Instead, choose colorful cardigans, with classic designs but still maintaining the Christmas color schemes. For example, Joe Fresh’s fine stocking knitwear which costs about $39 has stylish collar edition of these classic knitwear for the winter season.

Get a great, but simple underneath shirt. Because layering is one of the most popular fashion options during the cold seasons, always begin with a classic white veteran viking st louis cardinals sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổunderneath, nicely tailored and tucked in. It is important to have a good underneath shirt, so that when everything is peeled off inside a warm cottage house, you would still look neat and proper. It’s all about structure and tailoring. For example, Banana republic have some pretty good-looking striped Monogram veteran viking st louis cardinals sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổcollection, with two-button cuffs at the end, and an appropriately sized collar. Their shirts cost about $155.

It is all about the layering. Layer your shirts with a v-neck t-shirts, and then be consistent by piling on with a contrasting viking shirt or suit. When choosing v-neck t-shirts or sweaters to layer, make sure that the buttons of the undershirt are displayed neatly. One needs to be consistent about the design and the color coordination of the layering pieces. Top it off with a classic tailored, and unbuttoned denver broncos hawaiian shirt and suit, and you are ready to go out and get the girls screaming for your new, decadent preppy look.

Nerdy and geeky are in. Try using a quality necktie and pocket squares as interesting details to pop out the colors of your wardrobe. Why not partnering a classic plaid veteran viking st louis cardinals sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổwith a brand name necktie or bowtie, with dark denim pants and a dark suit jacket? If you think you can carry the wacky attire with a pair of plastic-framed glasses and neatly tousled hair, then don’t be afraid to bring it on and mingle with the ladies to show off your new geeky gadget for Christmas.

write by Goldwin