Russell Westbrook’s newest signature shoe, the Why Not.5, released in 2022 without a “0.” The silhouette saw numerous pairs upon its release, but has dropped very little since. Things seem to be looking up as we approach towards Summer, as official photographs of the “Can’t Beat That Price” colorway have surfaced.

These colors go well together and look good on the shoe

The “Can’t Beat That Price” is made up of a series of pastel colors and is supposed to look like old supermarket ads. It does this by using retro-style type on the sockliner and dubrae to spell out “WHY NOT”/”129.99” and the shoe’s name, respectively. Aside from that, the palette, which is made up of a series of pastel colors, looks like it goes with the main theme because it has many of the same colors that were used in the ads.


Overall, the Jordan Why Not.5 is a great shoe for all stages of your playing career. It can last for a long time, is comfortable to wear, and still looks good. Even though some people might laugh at the idea of bringing back old shoes, there are people who will love this model for all the right reasons.