The Best Exercise For Losing Belly Fat – Lose Belly Fat by Building Muscle

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Most people really look forward for the summer, so they can go to the beach and just relax. But some people, who have belly fat and are really embarrassed of it and do not like to go places where,they have to take their shirt of. It seems that no matter what kind of diet or exercise program you are using, the belly fat just does not shrink at all. The main problem why losing belly fat is hard, is because they use the wrong exercises.

A lot of experts suggest that walking and jogging are the best exercises, for losing belly fat. But that is not true and more and more people are finding out why these kind of exercises are not working. First of all if you want to lose belly fat, then you not only have to burn calories during your workouts, but also after your workouts. Long and slow cardio exercises like walking, not only burn very little calories, but they have no effect on your metabolic rate. If you don´t speed up your metabolic rate, then you will not burn enough calories to lose belly fat.

The best exercise for losing belly fat

The only exercise that can burn a lot of calories during your workout, and also burn calories after your workout is weight training. We lose muscle mass mainly because of two reasons. First of all we are very inactive and the less active we are the more muscle we lose. Secondly as we get older we gradually start losing muscle mass. The less muscle we have, the less calories our body burns. You can do all the right cardio exercises but they do not help you build muscle.

To really understand what a difference muscle tissue makes, we need to take an example. So it would be very clear, how much more calories muscle burns. For example a person who has 25% body fat and weighs 115 kilos, has a basal metabolic rate of 2233 calories. But if you reduce the fat percentage by 15% to 10 %, then the exact same person weighing exactly the same, has a BMR of 2606 calories. The 373 calorie difference is very big and remember you wil burn these extra calories even when you are resting and sleeping 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

write by Donald Prince

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