In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 7, Jordan Brand is working with Bephie’s Beauty Supply of Los Angeles, which is owned by Beth “Bephie Gibbs,” who is married to Chris Gibbs, the founder of Union LA.

The shoe is designed to be both comfortable and useful

Thanks to the creativity of the Gibbs family, this Air Jordan 7 is unlike anything that has come out before. The interior neoprene bootie has a mesh shroud that goes up above the ankle and has an elastic cord that closes the cuff. This redesign adds a protective element by giving the Air Jordan 7 a shell that looks like it was made for hiking. The shell is painted in Sanddrift and paired with Malt, Turf Orange, and Peach Cream. This is one of the most creative ways we have ever seen an Air Jordan be used. The Jumpman logo is shown on the inner mesh, and a Swoosh logo shows up just under the quarter mudguard on the forefoot. Lastly, Bephie’s shop logo is proudly printed on the heel, taking the place of the arrowhead piece found on regular AJ7s. The added toe-cap with long embroidery that goes from the lace collar to the toe-box is our favorite detail.


Jordan Brand always comes up with new things, and the Air Jordan 7 Baphie’s Beauty Supply is sure to make a lot of noise in the shoe world. This special colorway will be hard to find, so sneaker collectors will want to get their hands on it.