Sunshine Peg Bag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, cotton: printed, neutral, grass; plain, pale blue, yellow; assorted scraps Bias binding: plain, lace edged Buttons, 2cm, two Acid-free glueWater-erasable pen

Download and print the templates from Cut neutral print fabric, 21cm x 33cm, and grass print, 7.5cm x 33cm. Place the grass across the bottom of the neutral piece, so that the bottom raw edges match. Sew across the top edge in a coordinating thread, then iron on the reverse. Fold the top edge of the neutral fabric over onto the wrong side by 1cm and stitch a length of plain linen bias binding across the width.

Using the templates, snip out the clothes from your chosen pastel fabric scraps. Stitch the washing line with a slight curve; each end of the line should be 15.5cm up from the bottom raw edge of the fabric. Use acid-free glue to secure each item of clothing in place, then stitch each one using the same thread. Sew the clothes pegs, then iron on the reverse.

Cut pale blue fabric, 16.5cm x 33cm. Using the template, snip out all of the pieces for the sun. Use acid-free glue to hold each piece in place, then stitch around each one to secure and iron on the reverse. Fold the bottom raw edge over by 1cm onto the wrong side, then sew a length of the decorative lace edged bias binding tape across it. Iron on the reverse.

Make two button loops by folding 2cm x 12cm lengths of plain linen bias tape in half so that the long, folded edges match. Stitch a matching thread along each folded line, then iron. Lay the bottom section of the peg bag right side up, then place the top sun section on top, right side up, so that the lace edged binding overlaps the plain binding underneath by 1cm. Pin across the width. Machine sew 4cm in from both sides, hiding the stitch line across the top of the bias tape.

Cut a back piece, the same size as the finished front from your chosen fabric. Lay it over the right side of the finished front and pin all the way around. Insert the two button loops into the top seam, so that the raw ends stick out, then sew all the way around with a 1cm seam. Trim excess fabric from across the corners, then turn right side out. To finish, fold the button loops over onto the front and mark dots using a water-erasable pen where the buttons need to go. Hand sew the buttons in place.