Striped Breton Top – Free sewing patterns


Jersey, 1m (1.5m wide) or 1.45m (1.15m wide)Stay tape1.5cm seam allowance used throughout.



Dimensions List

Front: cut one Meas A* x 54cm pieceBack: cut one Meas A* x 58cm pieceSleeve: cut two 42cm x Meas B** piecesShoulder gusset: cut two 15cm x 18cm pieces*Meas A size 8: 40cm; size 10: 44cm; size 12: 46cm; size 14: 48cm; size 16: 50cm; size 18: 52cm; size 20: 54cm**Meas B size 8: 48cm; size 10: 50cm; size 12: 52cm; size 14: 54cm; size 16: 56cm; size 18: 58cm; size 20: 60cm


Cut out the pieces as indicated in the cutting guide. With all pieces folded right sides together, transfer the markings as indicated in the diagrams (right), then cut. Open out the front piece, then fold the top edge by 4cm to the wrong side and press for the neckline facing. Repeat for the back piece.


Unfold the front neckline facing, then match a still-folded shoulder gusset to the top edge so that the narrow, unfolded edge is lined up with the armhole. Pin, then repeat with the second gusset on the opposite side. Sew in place 5mm from the top and along the facing fold.


Attach the back neckline to the gussets in the same way, then neaten the top edges. Refold the facings to the wrong side, press, then lay the front and back right sides up – now only a small triangle of the gusset will be visible from the right side.


Place a sleeve on top of the bodice, matching the centre of the sleeve head to the shoulder gusset, pin, then stitch. Repeat for the second armhole, then press the seams away from the bodice.


Pin the front and back right sides together, then stitch the underarm and side seam together. Fold a 3cm hem, slip stay tape inside, then press. Use a twin needle to stitch close to the raw edge. Repeat for each sleeve cuff.