Street Magic Revealed

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Street magicians have their secrets that they will not share with anyone. There is a sworn oath that exists among magicians to guard their secrets from the audience about how a trick is done.

Now because of advances in technology, especially the internet, there are ways to find street magic revealed and understand how even the most amazing illusions are performed. But even with the knowledge of how to perform such magic tricks and illusions, there is still some skill involved to make them work.

But even though some magic secrets may never be revealed, there are three secrets that most all magicians have shared.

The first is that a lot of tricks, especially street magic tricks, are performed through sleight of hand. This requires much skill in order to hide and object and make it reappear in another hand. A lot of new novice magicians still try to hide things up their sleeves. However, these are old tricks and rarely used, as most people expect long sleeves on magicians.

Slight of hand takes a ton of practice to become a master at.

Novice magicians use specially created ‘kits’ or gimmicks to try to create the illusions, but professionals use their impressive and skilled sleight of hand abilities. They must spend lots of time developing this, and it requires lots of patience and coordination to truly become a master.

So just because someone sees stage magic or street magic revealed, it does not mean that they will be able to go and perform the tricks easily.

Another magic secret that magicians use is known as the art of misdirection. The magician gets the audience, or spectators in the case of street magic tricks, to look at and focus on something, possibly by asking a question about it, and while they are looking at that he will do something else.

For example, he may say “do you see this yellow ball?” While the audience is looking at that yellow ball, he is carefully getting a red ball with his other hand.

This is an example of misdirection.

Another type of misdirection is a form where the audience does not see what is really going on. Some magicians when performing certain tricks, have a ton of assistants who also perform amazing acts on the stage. However, what you do not see or know is that those assistants are in on the trick and are helping the magician perform the trick just by being present.

Have you ever noticed that most magicians have beautiful ladies as their assistants? Hmm, can we say “misdirection?” Anyway…

In street magic, the magician is right in the ‘crowd’ so he does not have the advantages that a magician on stage has. This is why street magic performances can be even more impressive, because of the high level of interaction with never before met spectators instead of assistance who are in on the act.

This is also why getting street magic revealed to you can also be exciting, because you know that there is not the same ‘protection’ of the stage.

But this does not take anything away from the stage magician, and make no mistake, some street magic tricks require a ‘spectator’ as an assistant as well.

Another form of misdirection is using words in a certain way. For example, say that a magician tells you to look at an empty box. Now, we would look at the box as being empty, simply because he said it was empty. So when the magician pulls a rabbit out of this same box, our mind wonders how it happened.

Little did we know that the box had a compartment or divider that was simple removed, and the box was never actually empty at all.

Misdirection requires tons of practice and planning. It takes body coordination and fast sharp thinking. Magicians are proud of this art, as they should be given the amount of skill that it takes.

The third secret among many more is a magician’s patter or constant talking. This is what makes misdirection even more possible, because while the magician is asking you to look at his right hand, and talking causing you to focus and pay attention to his voice and right hand, then you will not notice what is going on with his left hand.

This is a strong tactic for making the illusion occur within the wink of an eye.

Patter is usually communicated in the form of a story, which is highly effective in all facets of life. Sometimes a story can be so interesting or funny, that we forget to pay attention to what the magician or assistant is doing,

Street magic utilizes some of these same secrets. So even though there are lots of resources and places where you can get the tactics of street magic revealed, you will still be caught and miss something.

This means that stage magic and street magic will always be enjoyed, because there will always be someone coming up with new and amazing illusions.

write by rivera

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