Sleeveless Top – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, 1.2mShark tooth button



Dimensions List

Front: cut one on the foldBack: cut one on the foldPocket: cut oneNeck binding: cut one 3.5cm x 84cm strip on the biasArmhole binding: cut two 3.5cm x 54cm strips on the biasRouleau loop: cut one 4.5cm x 10cm strip on the bias1.5cm seam allowance used, except for neck and armholes where a 1cm seam allowance is used.

1 Download and print the pattern at Cut out all of the pieces according to the cutting guide, then transfer any markings. Neaten one front shoulder seam edge and the corresponding back shoulder seam, stitch together, then press open. Neaten one long edge of the neck binding, then with the right side of the neck binding and the front top together, pin and sew the neckline from the unjoined shoulder to the adjacent back shoulder edge.

2 Press and fold the neck binding to the inside of the top, then pin and sew from the right side, ensuring the neatened edge is caught while stitching. Neaten the edge of the remaining front and back shoulder seams, then match, pin and stitch right sides together. Press the seam open, then secure the two ends of the binding to the neckline. Repeat to attach the armhole binding to each armhole.

3 Neaten the top edge of the pocket, then press the fold line, as indicated. Turn the folded section over to the right side, sew the right-hand side to secure, then turn back to the wrong side. Press the seam allowance on the right-hand edge, then edgestitch the pocket to the right-hand side of the top.

4 Pin the side edges of the front and back, right sides together, then stitch. Press the seams open and catch the top part of the seam to ensure it stays open. Press a 1cm hem, then stitch. Fold in the pleat on the front neckline and pin. Take the rouleau loop strip and make the loop.

5 Make the cord into a loop and position it at the top between the layers of the pleat. Pinch the layers and the ends of the loop, then stitch to secure. Attach the button to the back of the pleat, adjacent to the loop, and use steam from your iron to set the pleat in place without flattening.