Sleeveless Sweater – Free sewing patterns


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Fabric, 1m (150cm)

Cutting guide

Front: cut one on the foldBack: cut one on the foldCollar: cut one strip, 4cm x 55cmArmholes: cut two strips, 5cm x 56cmBase bands: cut two strips, 10cm x 54cm

Dimensions List

1.5cm seam allowance is used on the side seams, and a 1cm seam allowance is needed on the neckline, armholes and base band.


Download and print the diagram from, then follow the cutting guide. Neaten the side seams and the shoulder on the front and back pieces. Match, pin and stitch the shoulder seams together, then press open.


Match together the two short ends of the collar, then pin and stitch. Fold this in half, matching the two long edges together. Position the collar seam to the centre back of the neckline, and the adjacent point of the collar to the centre front of the neckline.


Pin the remaining collar in place, then attach by overlocking the neckline. Pair the front and back pieces together with right sides facing, and stitch from the armhole base to the slit notch, 16cm above the base of the top. Press the seams open, including the seam allowance within the slits.


Group the two short ends on both armhole bands together, then pin and sew. Fold this in half, matching the two long edges. Position the band seam to the top centre of the side seams, and the adjacent point to the end of the shoulder seam. Pin the remainder of the bands in place and secure by overlocking the armholes.


Neaten one long edge on both of the base band strips. Position and stitch the raw edge to the base of the top. There should be 1.5cm of fabric extending beyond the folded slit seam allowance, so fold the strips in half, right sides facing, and stitch both ends.


Turn the bands to the inside of the top, folding the seam allowance inside them. Pin along the neatened edges, then stitch in the ditch on the right side of the top; the seam allowance will be concealed within the bands. Secure the seam allowance in the slits by hand slip-stitching.

The diagram available online lists size 10 with the bust at 83cm and hip at 88cm. For a size 12 add 1cm to the side seams, 2mm to the shoulder length, and 2cm to the armhole and base band strips. After this, add an extra 1.25cm to the side seams, 3mm to the shoulder length, and 2.5cm to the armhole and base band strips, for every increasing size.