Simone Skirt – Free sewing patterns


Jersey fabric, 2.5m (147cm)Elastic, 3cmFusible hemming web

Cutting guide

Front: cut twoBack: cut twoNote: Please note that this pattern is for stretch fabrics only.1.5cm seam allowance used throughout, except when stitching the mitres on the points of the hem where 1cm is used.

Dimensions List

8-24 Search `Your Pattern Size Guide` for measurements

1 Download and print the pattern, then follow the cutting guide. Match and stitch the four panels, then overlock the seam allowances. Sew the base of the seams. If the jersey has a two-way stretch, meaning it flexes in both directions, set your machine to stretch stitch. Neaten the hem of the skirt in panels, from the edge of a point to the part with the step, then down to the adjacent point, repeating the process on each panel.

2 Fold the small, straight edge at the base of the panel in half and match the edges of the neatened hem together. Stitch across the straight-folded edge with a 1cm seam allowance, open the seam and turn the hem over to the wrong side of the skirt; this process will form a point. Repeat for the three remaining points.

3 Use fusible hemming web to secure a 2cm hem on the skirt base; this will help to stabilise stretch fabrics and enables a machine- stitched hem to be applied without distorting it. Adjust the machine to a slightly larger stitch than usual and sew around the hem, making the line of stitching sit just over the neatened edge.

4 Cut elastic to your waist measurement,plus 2cm. Lap the two ends over each other and sew to make a circle. Position the elastic inside the top of the skirt, 5mm away from the top-edge, and pin in position. Overlock the elastic to the skirt. The machine needs to cut 5mm of the skirt but not the elastic, however it will stitch through it. Fold the top of the skirt inside on the edge of the elastic. Secure by sewing a few hand stitches on each of the seams to keep the fold in place, so the elastic is no longer visible.