Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

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Learning to spot the signs and signals given off by an ex girlfriend when she’s interested in dating you again takes a little getting used to. Unlike when you first met, your ex won’t start flirting with you shamelessly or give off big indications that she wants you to proceed. Depending upon how the break up happened, she may be more timid or cautious. You may need to read her subconscious cues or body language in order to determine if she’s giving you the go-ahead.

The signs that she’s wanting you again will be subtle at first, as your ex tests the waters. Whether you broke it off with her or she’s the one who dumped you, your ex girlfriend will want to know for sure that you show the same type of interest in seeing her again. If she doesn’t get that message or feeling, she’s going to remain reserved. There are a few more assertive women who will outright grab you by the shirt and kiss you when they want you back, but those are few and far between.

The list below are all signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back. The degree to which she’s interested may vary, but the signals are always the same:

Your Ex Girlfriend Calls or Emails You

Anytime your ex is initiating contact with you, it’s a beautiful thing. It shows that she’s not yet over the relationship, at least on some level. Your ex might call you with an excuse to talk, or she may forward you an Email joke and then use it as a springboard to launch into conversation. Whatever method she picks, roll with it. It took courage for her to reconnect like that, and if you want your ex back you need to reward her for it by being as friendly and non-questioning of her motives as you can.

She Shows Up To See You

Showing up to see you is one of the big signs your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. It shows that not only does she miss you, but she misses you on a physical level. Calling or emailing wasn’t good enough… she had to drive over and actually lay her eyes on you, maybe touch your arm, flirt with you a little… keep an eye on her body language here. But the very fact that she showed up at your home or job just to see you is a very good indication that she’d love to date you again.

Your Ex Talks About Your Past History Together

If your ex had moved on after the break up, she wouldn’t be contacting you at all. She certainly wouldn’t be dragging up the past, and talking about it with you. When your ex girlfriend does this, is because she’s trying to reconcile what happened. If she brings up anything about the break up, it’s because she’s trying to make it “right” in her own mind. This will enable her to move forward with getting back together with you again. Sometimes though, your ex will want to talk about old times – the really good, fun memories. This is a great sign too… it shows that she’s willing to forget the fighting and arguing of the past and try to pick out all that was right with your relationship.

She Keeps Bringing Up Your Dating Situation

Of all the signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back, this one’s pretty big. She’s going out on a limb to find out if you’re still single, and to make sure you’re not about to start dating someone else. This clears the way for reconciliation, and if you give her the green light here the next step is a reunion date between the two of you. Asking about your love life is always a great indication that your ex is thinking of dating you again.

She Goes Out Of Her Way To Show You Attention

An ex who’s suddenly attentive to you has made up her mind: she wants you again. Showing a sudden interest in you is her way of letting you know that she’s “back” into the groove of being around you, and is looking for something a bit more than friendship. Behaviors include wanting to go places with you, cook for you, rent a movie, and will also include a lot of calling and emailing to see how your day went. This scenario is her way of transitioning back into a relationship. She’s trying to get you to ask her out again.

The above indications are all signs your ex girlfriend wants you back. If you’re picking up any of these signals, you’re already on the road to recovering your break up. But if not? You need to be proactive in what you do, and learn the methods and techniques necessary to make your ex girlfriend want you again. Hoping that she’s going to come back to you isn’t good enough – to ensure success you need a step by step plan for getting your ex back.


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