Should You Choose Norse Projects or Ice Cream Clothing For Printed T-Shirts?

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If you are looking for a branded, printed t-shirt, it is you are recommended to check out Ice Cream clothing or Norse Projects. Both Ice Cream clothing and Norse Projects shirts are made from high quality materials, such as premium cotton and a polymodal rubber-sillicat fabric used for intense weather-proofing. However, the designs and manufacturing methods of Ice Cream and Norse Projects clothing are very different and each offers very unique styles and advantages.

Ice Cream clothing is a luxury clothing line designed by Hip-Hop producer Pharrell, famous from the Neptunes. Pharrell is also the founder of the BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club clothing lines. He also owns half of the stock an worth of Icon Nigo, another Japanese clothing company. Indeed, it was Pharrell and Nigo that created Ice Cream clothing, their well known and premium Street/Urban Uniform-style brand. It started life as a line of sneakers in partnership with Reebok, but their clothing line was delayed somewhat. Owing to its premium and exclusive aesthetic and dignity, the clothing range is created in very small numbers and sparingly distributed across the world’s major cities.

Norse Projects originates in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is built to withstand the unforgiving weather conditions of the Scandinavian nations. Although the primary focus of Norse Projects clothing is its weather-resistant clothing (such as its chunky knitwears and waterproof jackets) it also boasts a commendable array of printed t-shirts. These printed t-shirts are unique and stand otu from the rest of the range, offering laid back styles showing the designer’s sense of humor. Although Scandinavian in origin, Norse Projects outerwear clothing is sought after across the world where the local climates offer unpleasant and unpredictable weather. It has been especially popular in Canada and the United Kingdom. The winter coat is designed and tested against Denmark’s bitter winter, offering the wearer a personal sanctuary against the Viking wind and rain.

To summarise, if you’re looking for a printed T-shirt that would really make you stand out, both Ice Cream and Norse Projects have products that you will probably want to take a look out. If you ever face the difficult situation of having to choose one from between the two, your best course of action would be to either choose the design that you identify most closely with yourself, or to look at the rest of the range of each brand and go with one that you like best. Both brands create excellent products, so whichever one you choose you can be sure you have made a good decision.

write by Rowan

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