Shankapotomus Gift Ideas For Golfers

Where in the world would you buy a gift that said Shankapotomus on it? That is the reason for this article, to answer that question. If we were talking about some random clothes, this wouldn’t be necessary. Shankapotomus is a hot new buzz word in the golf world. It stems from the incredibly funny TV commercial from Etrade. A toddler that speaks clear as day light is dresses in golf attire sitting in a high chair talking the computer web cam. He is telling the world that his buddy Frank refuses to pay him for the “skins” beat down he just dished him on the golf course. Franks lack of funds is because his stock portfolio is in the crapper. The Toddler refers to Frank as Shankapotomus. Shank the ball much Frank? I guess so.

There is a place to buy Shankapotomus gifts. They are funny. T-Shirts and polo shirts. Hoodies and long sleeve shirts. Coffee mugs and mouse pads. All kinds of stuff. Each item says Shankapotomus on it, but not just a word on a shirt. A golf Ball graphic and a catch phrase like “it was on the cart path, shankapotomus ” or “pay me my money, Frank” and even “king of the Skins Beat-Downs” which is by far my favorite. They even have kids and baby sizes.

So Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to get for that someone? Try the Shankapotomus gifts, for some funny gift adeas that will get worn or used. People love a philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt that is funny and that causes the people around them to read it. There are some coffee and beer mugs, a mousepad and a few keychains that say shankapotomus on them as well.

write by Meredith