Russian Dolls – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, cotton, assorted print fat quartersFusible appliqué sheetLightweight quilt waddingFelt, assortment of coloursEmbroidery threadFibre fillingRibbon trims

1 Download and print the templates from Cut two body pieces from the background fabric. Place both onto quilt wadding and trim to the edges before zig zag stitching around both shapes to bind the layers together. Iron a fusible adhesive sheet onto the reverse of the other cotton print pieces then trace the headscarf, apron, and mirrored shawl shapes onto the paper backing. Cut out and peel away the backing. Lay the shapes onto one body piece and secure with a medium iron.

2 Choose a coordinating thread and use either a small zig zag or decorative machine stitch to bind the appliqué pieces onto the body. Fuse coloured felt onto a piece of plain cotton fabric with an appliqué sheet and cut out the face. Snip the hair piece and stitch it to the top of the head with a small oversew and two strands of matching thread. Use a soft pink pencil to sketch facial features onto the felt. Embroider the features with two strands of thread. Use soft coloured pencils to fill in the circles of the eyes and cheeks. Oversew the face onto the body piece.

3 Place the remaining body piece onto the decorated one, right sides together, stitch all the way round with a 5mm seam allowance leaving a 4cm gap in the bottom edge. Trim the seam allowance with pinking shears for a smoother outline and turn right sides out. Press the seam out on the back of the doll before stuffing with fibre filling. Turn in the raw edges of the gap and slip-stitch closed. Add ribbon bow trims to the hair and base of the headscarf with a few small hand-stitches.