Ribbon Pincushion and Tag Toy – Free sewing patterns


Get Started

Little Red Boots ribbonsColoured feltEmbroidery threadFibre fillingFabric glue

Create a pincushion

Create a pincushion 1 Cut 18 lengths of ribbon, 12cm long, then lay out nine horizontally. Weave the remaining nine through these vertically. Adjust the weave so it is square and use a dab of fabric glue to hold the ends in place temporarily.

2 Cut two 9cm squares in coloured felt. Place both underneath the weave and pin in place. Use a small running stitch to sew the edges of the weave to the squares, leaving a little gap in one edge.

3 Stuff firmly with fibre filling. Close up the gap and trim the ends of the ribbons at a 45-degree angle. Take a premade ribbon bow and stitch it to one corner of the pincushion.

Sew a tag toy

1 Cut two 10cm circles in coloured felt, and two 3.5cm ones from a darker shade. Trim two ears from the same dark colour and a nose from black felt. Oversew the round cheeks across the centre of one large circle. Place the nose in between them and embroider eyes and a mouth with two strands of black thread.

2 Cut several 8cm lengths of printed satin ribbon. Fold each one in half and tack the raw edges to the edge of the undecorated circle of felt so the loops radiate out from the centre. Pin the face over the top to cover the raw ends.

3 Pin the ears in place and join the pieces with a small running stitch, leaving a 4cm gap in the seam. Lightly stuff the face with fibre filling, then close up the gap by continuing to sew running stitch. Remove the tacking stitches.

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