Review: Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy

In partnership with NBA All-Stars Jayson Tatum and Luka Doni, the Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy was given a couple of different looks from the others.

The airy Jacquard Leno-weave top in white is lined with a TPU ribbon to make the shoe suited for the hardwood. The tongue and ankle collar feature a subtle reptilian texture in a strong black tone, with an oversized tongue tab rolled onto the laces sporting the Jumpman emblem in bright red. Over an icy outsole, the ribbon-foam material darts throughout the white midsole, which houses a Zoom Air Strobel unit.

The traction – Jordan 26 Psychic Energy

The typical herringbone pattern has been used on the outsole of AJ series shoes since AJ34. The AJ36’s outsole also has a herringbone pattern, which helps to maintain the shoe’s exceptional traction.

The cushion – feedback

The AJ36 is believed to have the world’s largest Zoom Air cushion. A full-length Zoom Air Strobel is used in the insole, with a fan-shaped Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole.

The insole is soft and stretchy at the same time. The initial speed is also quick, not sluggish. The AJ36’s ZOOM Air cushion is extremely pleasant after landing. The cushion has excellent performance.

Eclipse Plate has been regarded as one of the most essential Jordan technologies since the AJ34 began using the hollow-out insole design. The improved 3.0 version of the AJ36 Eclipse Plate is available. The appearance of Eclipse Plate 3.0 is immediately distinguishable from the previous two generations. It isn’t a circular structure that has been integrated. The modification in construction frees the arch for the majority of players who wear AJ36.

Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy top view

Fitness – supporting performance of Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy

The innovative Leno-weave vamp is used in the AJ36. This type of material not only maintains the vamp’s stretched strength but also ensures good air permeability and lightness. The socks are visible from the vamp. The vamp is really slender.

The vamp was well-fitting to the instep, and the vamp’s tenacity was excellent. The vamp will not deform significantly while moving, causing footstep movement to be disrupted. The total supporting strength of the AJ36 is excellent because of the Eclipse Plate, which stabilizes the insole structure.

Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy back view

Durability – Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy

Jordan series basketball sneakers are unquestionably appropriate for playing basketball on an indoor court. It is not recommended to wear it on an outside cement court, regardless of the outsole’s toughness or the brand-new Leno-weave vamp.

Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy left side view

Overall review of Air Jordan 36 Psychic Energy


The AJ36 features a soft cushion, excellent traction, decent air permeability, and small weight.


The durability is unsure. It needs time to test it.

The AJ36 is a basketball shoe that can assist you to improve your locomotor performance. When sprinting and jumping, boost your strength. The vamp is quite light. When compared to prior AJ series basketball shoes, the AJ36’s performance is unquestionably the best.