Retro Pinny – Free sewing patterns


Cotton fabric, pale pink, floral print, white, pink, 50cm of eachBroderie anglaise trim, 3mCoordinating thread20mm mother of pearl buttons, four

Dimensions List

One sizeNote: Use a 1cm seam allowance, unless otherwise stated.

Stitch an apron

1 Download the pattern and use to cut the apron skirt from pink floral fabric. Measure 1cm in from each notch along the top of the skirt. Fold and pin in place six 1cm pleats and stitch to secure.

2 Cut all the pocket pieces from pale pink cotton. With right sides facing, line up the notches, then pin and stitch the pocket inners to the apron skirt. Clip the fabric periodically along the curve just above the stitching, then turn the pocket to the inside and press. Topstitch along the top as close to the edge as possible for a neat finish.

3 Position the main pocket pieces, then with right sides facing pin and tack together the upper and side edges of the main pocket and pocket inners to keep the shape. Stitch, then finish the raw edges with an overlock or zigzag stitch. Fold the hem of the skirt fabric twice by 5mm to hide the raw edge and press. Pin broderie anglaise trim around the apron skirt, and machine stitch.

4 Cut out two waistbands and two ties (one reversed) from pale pink cotton for the back plus two front ties (one reversed) from white floral print. Stitch the two front patterned ties either side of a pink waistband. Sew to the apron skirt with right sides facing. Stitch ties to the other waistband section and put to one side.

5 Cut one bodice and two straps from white floral fabric. Pin and stitch the straps to the bodice at the shoulder seam with right sides facing and press flat. Cut another bodice and two more ties from pale pink fabric. Stitch together at the shoulder seams right sides facing and press flat.

6 With the floral bodice right side up, pin a length of broderie anglaise down the sides. Make sure the trim lays inwards with raw edges aligned and hand tack in place. Stitch the back and front sections together right sides facing, leaving the bottom unstitched. Turn out by pulling the ties through the bodice and press. Tuck in the ends of the ties and hand stitch.

7 Lay the apron skirt right side down with the apron bodice right side down, overlapping the waistband by 1cm. Pin the waistband back to the top of the waistband front aligning the raw edges with those of the bodice. Stitch along the ties and the waistband so that the bodice becomes sandwiched between the back and front. Fold over and press the waistband seams flat, so the wrong sides are facing.

8 Fold over the bottom edge of the waistband back including the ties and press by 5mm to hide the raw edge. Pin in place and understitch along the bottom of the waistband back for a neat finish. Tuck in the ends of the apron ties and hand stitch. Measure and make a buttonhole on either side on the back ties of the apron. Sew two sets of buttons on the floral straps, to allow for adjustments. Tie in a bow.