Retro Christmas Light Decorations – Free sewing patterns


Felt, various coloursCordPinking shears

1 For each light-bulb cut two shapes from felt, using the template as your guide. Create a hanging loop by folding a 7cm length of cord in half, then sew the ends securely to the top edge of one of the felt pieces.

2 Pin both bulb shapes together and neatly over-sew or blanket stitch the outside edges, leaving the top open. Stuff firmly with wadding, using a pencil to push the fibres right to the tip of the cone shape. Continue until you have a nice even finish.

3 Cut two tops from yellow felt using our template as a guide and sew the side edges together. Slot the casing over the bulb’s top with the scalloped edges facing down. Sew the upper sides together encasing the loop as you do so. Stitch through all the layers at the points between the scallops on the yellow felt.

4 Repeat to make six more light bulbs, using various shades of felt. Thread the remaining cord through the loops of each shape, knotting every one in place. Allow enough spare thread at either end for suspending the garland.