Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes: Top Gun

A Top Gun costume is an example of quick and easy Halloween costume and can be a great way for you to head on back to the 1980s and celebrate a classic Tom Cruise look as you head out to enjoy your Halloween. What you are going to find is that this costume is one that will be very nostalgic for people and it will certainly be a huge hit at any party that you end up attending.

This outfit is designed as a single jumpsuit piece that you slip right on and you are going to be set to go out in these air force greens. Over the right chest area, you are going to have the Top Gun logo in place to help ensure that people know where your costume came from. In addition to that, you are going to have all the major patches that were decked out on the characters in this film as well. Quick and easy Halloween costumes don’t get much quicker or easier than this one.

You are going to find that this Top Gun costume fits well and is going to truly have you looking remarkable for Halloween. To complete the look, you will want to pick up a white T- houston astros chicago cubs hawaiian shirt of your own to slip on so you can keep the collar up and the zipper down to really look like you just walked off the set.

For this Top Gun costume, you are going to find that it does truly present itself as an authentic version of the wardrobe from the film. Best of all, you will also have the retro sunglasses and name badges that will let you switch between Maverick and Goose so you can be whichever character is your favorite and even make a quick change as you head out to other parties in the area as well.

When it comes to costumes, you are going to want to look at the accessories that will help you to complete the setup as well. Take for example the super hero boots that you can use for this costume. This will give you a masculine styles shoe that will blend in well with the outfit. In addition to that, you will want to add in your dog tags and brown leading man wig to reflect the character that you are dressing up as.

In addition to this, the Top Gun costume is going to come in a variety of sizes as well. Depending on your needs, you are going to find that you can get this costume in a size that will likely work well for you. Most costumes come in sizes that are better for children, while there are some plus size adult costumes that you can select a swell. That means there will be an option out there that can get you settled into character and looking your best for Halloween.

There is no doubt that the Top Gun costume is going to be one of the best choices of quick and easy Halloween costumes you will have when you are looking for an effective Halloween costume. With a comfortable design and high quality material, it will be a sound investment that will allow you to relive the memories you had of a movie that defined a period of time. Best of all, you are going to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees you decked out in this classic costume.

write by James Brown