Quatrefoil quilt – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Lace Mountain collection by FreeSpirit, 16 prints, 25cm of each; cotton, white, 3mWadding, 1.5m square

Dimensions List

Block: 30.5cm squareQuilt: 105cm x 135cmNote: Use a 5mm seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

For each block, cut one 11cm square, two 6cm x 24cm strips and four 6.5cm squares from white cotton. Cut four 11cm squares from printed fabric and two 6cm x 24cm strips from two different designs.

Make the ‘battenburg’ parts of the block first by sewing a printed strip to a white strip, right sides together, along one long edge. Press the seams flat and cut both strips to make four pieces measuring 6cm x 11cm. Pair up the pieces into blocks, each with two white squares and two different print squares. Sew right sides together to make four squares measuring 11cm.

Cut each of the 6.5cm white squares in half diagonally. Make a copy on card and place the bottom edge on the reverse of one side of each of the printed squares. Draw around the top point with a pencil. Add a 5mm seam allowance before cutting away two corners of each square. The pencil lines can be used as an accurate stitching guide.

Pin a small white triangle to one diagonal side of the ‘house’ shape that has been formed from the printed squares. Sew right sides together using the pencil line as a guide. Open out and press before sewing a second triangle to the other diagonal edge in the same way, ensuring the white fabric overlaps at the top to make a 5mm seam allowance above the point of the printed fabric. Repeat for the remaining three squares of printed fabric.

Lay the eight sewn squares and the single printed square out in the correct order, using the image as a guide, to create the quatrefoil pattern. Join the squares together in three rows of three, taking care to match up the central seams of each square. Join the strips together to finish the block, again taking care to match up all seams.

Make the quilt

Make 12 blocks as described using a variety of patterns and colours. Lay the blocks out in a three by four grid as you go to ensure no two colours or patterns are next to each other.

Join the blocks right sides together, matching up seams and points carefully. Press the quilt top. Cut 6.5cm wide strips from the remaining white fabric and use these to make an overlapped border around the quilt, joining the strips end to end if necessary. Press again.

Lay out 1.5m square of plain backing fabric, quilt wadding and the quilt top on a flat surface and pin together at regular intervals. Quilt in the ditch along the seams between each block and inside the border.

Turn in 5mm of the border, mitring the corners, and pin. Trim the wadding to this folded edge. Trim the backing fabric if necessary and fold over the wadding, mitring the corners. Pin the folded edge of the border to the folded edge of the backing and topstitch together, 2mm from the edge.