Princess Diana Fashion and Style

Diana, Princess of Wales was born on July 1st, 1961 and died on 31st August, 1997. Princess Diana was an international style icon of the 1980s. Her looks and her life were the reflection of consistent work she did on herself as well as the development of her personality. As she matured, she became more attractive. She was indeed the most photographed woman in the whole world.

Things that she wore including her army veteran hoodie , handbag, jewelry and hat were commented on. She had established a contemporary and appropriate style of royal dressing. Before, Princess Di’s engagement, her dress style and make up style was not sophisticated. As a young England Kindergarten assistant, she wore clothes that suited her position and made her feel comfortable. After her engagement, things took a different turn and her image became traditional and very British. In the beginning, it was difficult for her to follow what kind of clothes she was expected to wear and was often criticized for her dressing style.

Slowly, she found her way into a new world of ceremonial costumes, occasion dressing, coordinated army veteran hoodie , tiara, hats and handbags. She used to take advice and help from the deputy editor of Vogue and experiment with new designers. Her public life in the beginning was too coordinated and she even mentioned, “Clothes are not my priority.” Having learnt to master the art of dressing, Diana became conscious of dressing. She wore bright and cheerful clothes whenever she visited children at the hospital. She felt that wearing such bright and cheerful colors had positive effect on the children. Over a period of five years, she wore those colorful clothes frequently to hospitals as she knew children loved those colors very much. What made Diana popular was her modern approach towards life. She had the ability to appear chic and cool even in the simplest attire.

Things began to change after her divorce as she became an independent woman. She added a different sense to her fashion style and started wearing designer clothes including Valentino, Versace, John Galliano, Lacroix and Ungaro. Her new image was that of a young and confident woman. Her sense of style was shining and everything about her dress sense and body language pointed to a self confident woman in total control of her life. Her use of color became subtle and her hairstyle changed to modern and sophisticated. Diana had a style, a star quality that was natural.

write by Zi Wu