Poison Ivy As Your Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume

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So you like to live by the motto ‘go green’ and are part of the environmentally conscious brigade. How does the idea of becoming an eco-terrorist suit you then? Poison Ivy, also the name of a toxic plant, is the fatally attractive villainess in the Batman series and can be your Halloween costume design this time.

She is someone who has developed her own range of herbal weapons, using the choicest of venom from rarest of plants. Besides being bold and beautiful, she is hell bad. She is also one of the most seductive villains as portrayed in the comic series and played by Uma Thurman in the movie. If you want to win the most unique costume applaud this Halloween night, then just read on.

Getting into the green skin is not very tough, as her dress has been flexibly altered over time. In some earlier versions, the sketches in the comics showed her as rather skimpy character, covering the bare minimum by intertwined leaves and vines. Then it was modified into kind of a green bath robe with leaves making accessories for her like a bracelet, a crown and a necklace. She also wore fluorescent green pumps. And in the movie, she was shown wearing a bright green bodysuit with some vines over the waist like a belt and gum boots in darker green with leaf motif. The only constant is only her hair color in bright orange.

So if you want to take the liberty and be creative, you might come up with your own version of Poison Ivy. And as long it is something green on a brunette, it will be recognizable as Poison Ivy. This can be a good exercise in making an eco-friendly Halloween costume design too. We suggest you make your costume according to your body type and how much you are comfortable flaunting. If you prefer being covered, then get a full sleeved green t-shirt, same shade leggings. Do some craft by pasting fresh leaves on your belt and making a tiara and a necklace with them. Otherwise just wear a short skirt and a tank top with your leafy accessories.

We are sure, your costume design this Halloween costume design will definitely seduce others into the ‘go green’ brigade.

write by Muriel

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