Plus Size Tips and Tricks

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Black used to be the color of choice for plus size women, but no more. Voluptuous women don’t need to be afraid of bright colors and silky fabrics, as long as a few rules are followed.

* If you’re wearing a one-piece dress, go for a solid color and accessorize it with coordinating jewelry. If you want to add a second color, make it a jacket or a long blousy shirt. And mix textures. A wool dress and a tweedy jacket look terrific together.

* When selecting fabrics, choose soft and flowing, rather than clingy. Don’t make the mistake of wearing baggy clothes, thinking they will make you look thinner. Look for great choices that accentuate the positive!

* Stripes should usually be avoided, but if stripes are present, make sure they’re vertical. If you have a blouse that sports horizontal stripes, throw a coordinating wrap over your shoulders to add flair and minimize the stripes.

* Blazers or cardigan sweaters look best unbuttoned. It creates a visually-appealing vertical line. And adding shoulder pads to knit tops and sweaters will make you look much more polished.

* Focus on emphasizing your best features. If you’ve got terrific legs, show them off with linen shorts in a sherbet color, or choose a knee-length skirt that falls softly over your thighs. If you have a wonderful neck, choose some of the exciting new v-neck looks. Make sure that you choose accessories that draw attention to your face. Fun earrings and chunky necklaces will do the trick.

* De-emphasize the parts of your body that are in “transition”. All-in-ones (great shapers) or control-top pantyhose help smooth out any look. If your upper arms are not what you’d like them to be, go ahead and pick a sleeveless blouse, but cover yourself with a gauzy wrap or colorful jacket.

* If you are petite, smaller is better. Don’t choose clothing with large pockets or bold prints. Choose shoes with heels, the higher the better. Opt for a smaller bag in rich colors or designer earrings that nestle against your ear. When selecting any accessory, make sure it fits your size.

* Go with the flow. Choose looks that accentuate your length. A chunky belt will draw attention to your midsection, so if your outfit is belted, add a warm jacket that will bring the eye down from the waist. Also look for skirts that are longer, rather than wider, for a wonderful slimming look.

Millions of women get up every day and reach for clothes that do nothing for their plus size, voluptuous bodies. Change all that by seeking out retailers who specialize in catering to this growing market. Don’t be afraid to try a new color or style. Be you. Be big. Be beautiful.

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write by Cadell

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