Pirate Halloween Costume Ideas

Piracy is an illegal activity known to the world since ancient times, however it was most prolific during the 17th and 18th century. The reason why pirates are so popular in modern culture is simple – pirates in novels and movies are often portrayed as romantic adventurers rather than murderers and robbers.

Of course, there are some pirates that have obtained national hero status like Sir Francis Drake and Henry Morgan. Such men have contribute to the public’s relatively positive view on pirates. Besides movies and books, pirates today are related to many other products like comic books and video games. So, pirates are one of the rare characters that can be both interesting and frightening. In order to come up with the perfect costume I have provided several pirate costume ideas for Halloween.

There are few popular pirate captains that we have seen in movies. First of all, there is captain James Hook a fictional character that appears in Peter Pan. As the name suggests he is known for the left hook that serves him as a hand (pretty scary right?). In the right hand he usually uses a thin sword (you can easily find a plastic source in this shape). The costume that he wears is red and he also has a large red pirate hat. Be sure to wear classic black chicago bears hawaiian shirt or boots because they didn’t wear snickers back in the day.

Another popular character, which is a little bit newer, is captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of The Caribbean movie. Jack Sparrow wears a classical pirate costume, but there are two details that you should pay attention to – the hairstyle and facial hair and the hat/bandana. You don’t have to buy a pirate’s hat because captain Sparrow sports a red bandana. When it comes to facial hair it is a good idea to grow beard and braid into dreadlocks. If you don’t have long hair you can buy artificial dreadlocks. Don’t hesitate to use discreet makeup because captain Sparrow is fond of it.

Pirate costumes have several things in common; for example, the pants used by pirates are typically black or brown although if you are wearing some specific outfit you can choose another color. You can use both baggy and tight pants. The shirts have long sleeves and the color doesn’t play a significant role, however white is a popular color. It might be a good idea to wear a older deer hunting t shirt and make few cuts or make it look a little bit older. It is important to pay attention to the details and accessorize.

Some items that make the costume more realistic include – wide belt, hook hand, massive black boots, pirate hat, sword (plastic), jewelry that features skulls, dark wig (wig with dreadlocks is great too) etc. In the end, don’t forget to act and sound like a pirate during the Halloween night.

write by Mitchell Sandson