Pirate Fancy Dress – Captain Jack Sparrow Or Captain Hook?

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There’s an excellent choice of pirate fancy dress costumes for men, women and children, from ragged pirates to sexy wenches. If you’re looking for a Halloween pirate costume, check out the ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ and the ‘Captain Hook’ outfits.

Captain Jack Sparrow costume

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is a wonderful Disney film about two pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Captain Jack Sparrow is the lovable villain and the fancy dress costume is gorgeous. It includes a blue waistcoat, and a mock cotton shirt with big blouse sleeves. The trousers are grey, and they are worn with brown boot covers. The pirate hat, which comes with the costume, looks fantastic worn on top of a long black curly wig.  Add some dark eye-make up and a tache for the finishing touches. 

Captain Hook costume

The villain in J M Barrie’s classic book, Peter Pan, was the notorious Captain Hook.  In the 1991 film ‘Hook’, Dustin Hoffman played Captain Hook.  It’s a wonderful fantasy story of pirates and Tinkerbell the fairy. This film gives you some excellent Halloween fancy dress costumes to choose from.

The Captain Hook costume includes a long red coat with gold trim and buttons, a pair of black trousers, and a white shirt ruffle. There are some must-have accessories, including: a long, curly black wig, a tricorn hat, an eye patch, an earring and a black curly tache. Apply dark eye make up and carry the hook. You will look fabulous.

Costume prices will vary, so check what’s included before you place an order. It may be better to order the basic costume and buy the accessories as extras. There’s a good range of basic and deluxe costumes, so everyone can find something to suit their budget. 

Pirate fancy dress costumes can be elaborate or plain.  You can choose to be one of the good guys or a villain. Both Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook costumes are great choices for either Halloween, or a pirate fancy dress party.

write by Joshua Olin

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