Piped Home Letter Cushions – Free sewing patterns


Four patterned fat quartersPiping, four 1.6m lengthsStuffing

Dimensions List

14cm x 19cm

Cutting guide

Letters: cut one pair of each

Cushion middles: cut three 6cm x 56cm strips from each print

Stitch a message

1 Sketch out your letters. Designate a fat quarter to each letter, then cut out the pieces according to the cutting guide. Sew each set of three matching strips right sides together at the short edges to create one single length, then press the seams open.

2 Place a fabric ‘H’ right side up, then pin a length of piping around the edge, matching the raw edges and leaving 5cm extra at the end. Make small snips in the piping edging to ease it around the corners, then join the ends together. Tack everything in place and remove the pins. Repeat for the second ‘H’.

3 Starting at the same point of the piping join, pin one side of the matching fabric strip to the piped edge of an ‘H’, leaving 2cm extra at the start and clipping the corners. When you reach the point where you started, pin the strip to the 2cm overhang. Trim the excess from this join before tacking all the way round.

4 Attach an invisible zipper foot to your sewing machine. Stitch through all three layers as close to the piping as possible without going through the cord. Remove the tacking and lay the other ‘H’ on top. Pin together, starting in the middle of the letter and working outwards. Stitch these three layers together but leave 6cm open at the same point as the previous joins. Turn right sides out, fill with stuffing and use a knitting needle to gently push it into the corners. Slip stitch the gap closed.

5 Make up the ‘M’ and ‘E’ in the same way. Start the ‘O’ with the same technique but only stitch the front and back letters around the outside of the letter, leaving the small middle ‘O’ entirely unstitched. Turn right sides out through this middle circle. Working on the back of the letter, neatly hem both the raw edge of the ‘O’ and the middle strip. Bring these hems together and use plenty of pins to secure. Slip stitch the edges together and leave a 6cm opening. Fill with stuffing and slip stitch the gap closed.