Patchwork Stars – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, scrapsToy stuffingEmbroidery threadButtonsRibbon

Dimensions List

Approx. 12cm diameter1cm seam allowance used throughout.

Make a hanging dec

1 Download the template above and use to cut five diamond shapes from various patterned fabrics. Sew the pieces together on the edges along the lower halves of the diamonds, to form a star shape.

2 Press the seams to one side and pin the patchwork face down onto plain cotton. Trim the cotton to the same size and sew together, leaving a 4cm gap on one straight edge for turning. Clip the curves of the star and turn it right sides out. As you do this, use a blunt pencil to give it nice, crisp points.

3 Lightly fill the star with toy stuffing, fold in the raw edges of the gap and sew it closed. Use two strands of embroidery thread to quilt the star along its seams and points with a running stitch. Sew a button to the star’s centre. Add a ribbon loop to hang.