Patchwork Pouffe – Free sewing patterns


Cotton fabric scraps2oz quilt waddingStuffingTwo large buttonsDoll maker’s needle


Approx 30cm high x 50cm diameter1cm seam allowance used throughout.

1 Download and print the pouffe template at, then assemble the two pieces where indicated. Arrange some straight-edged cotton patches to form a panel that is larger than the template, using a mixture of squares, rectangles, triangles and other shapes. Sew the patches right sides together, then press.

2 Lay the patchwork right side up onto quilt wadding. Pin the template on top and use to cut out both layers. Remove the template, re-pin the layers and topstitch together along the seam lines to strengthen the patchwork. Make five more panels in the same way using a variety of colours, prints and sizes.

3 Stitch the panels right sides together along the long edges to make a ball shape, leaving a 20cm gap in the centre of one seam. Turn the shape right sides out and stuff to the point of overstuffing. Fold in the raw edges of the gap and slip stitch it closed with doubled thread to strengthen.

4 Use a long doll maker’s needle and strong thread to stitch a button to the top and bottom of the pouffe where the panels meet. Run the thread from button to button, pulling taut as you do so to draw the ends of the pouffe towards the middle, forming a pumpkin shape.